Do you have
what it takes to solve problems?

Nokia is inviting talented individuals to take part in their Software Testing challenge! Solve the most questions correctly for the grand prize of 500.000 HUF!

16 - 30 March 2022

1.000.000 HUF value prizes for the winners!

Congratulations to the winners

  1. 1st place: Tamás Ling
  2. 2nd place: Myrza Nurmanbetov
  3. 3rd place: Péter Almási

About us

At Nokia, we create technology that helps the world act together. Our solutions enable service providers, industries and the public sector to create the critical networks that bring together the world's people, machines and devices. In this short conference, we are going to give you a peak into 3 areas our company focuses on these days.

The networking branch of Nokia has been present in Hungary since 1988. At first the branch counted only a few dozen employees and over the years it grew to provide jobs for over 2000 people. 1200 engineers work in research and development and our products are irreplaceable for the development and operation of latest telecommunication networks like 5G. Our main clients are telecommunication providers and multinational corporations which conduct their business in different market segments.

Have you missed our conference on the latest innovations our team is working on?
You can rewatch it here!

About the competition

The Software testing competition is a set of questions challenging your logical and program solving skills. It contains three sections, the first two parts have 10 multiple selection questions each and the last section has two tasks which require very basic coding knowledge to execute.

How to participate?

Step one
Register on the link to secure your spot and be notified when the competition opens. You can register throughout the challenge, but you must complete the questions before the end date, 30th March.
Step two
The competition will open up on the 16th March until the 30th March. This is the timeframe you can answer all questions.
Step three
You have the opportunity to gain extra points if you finish the questions during the first week (between 16th March and 23rd March).
Step four
Submit all your answers and wait for the results. Participants will be notified on the 5th April and also published on this site.

Winning is not a question of LUCK, it is on YOU!
Reach the most points to WIN!

Register now!

Frequently Asked Questions

Who can apply?

Anyone can apply, no prerequisites are defined, except Nokia employees and their direct family members. One person can only participate once in the challenge, we will disqualify double registrations.

Can I save my answers before finishing all questions?

The competition includes three rounds. You can take a break between each section but you can not save your answers without finishing all questions in one round.

Extra Points

You can gain extra points if you finish answering all the questions before the 23rd of March. If you submitted all your answers before the date you will receive two additional questions.

How is the winner chosen?

There are two factors in calculating the total points for the challenge. The number of the correct answers are counted and furthermore, the TIME taken to answer all the questions is taken into consideration when selecting the winner.

How are the prizes paid out?

The winners receive Media Markt vouchers in the sum of the prizes:

  1. 500.000 HUF for the 1st prize
  2. 300.000 HUF for the 2nd prize
  3. 200.000 HUF for the 3rd prize

Do you have any more questions?